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home in need of asbestos removal in Lovington, NM

We are the experts in asbestos removal in Lovington, NM

If you are buying a property or currently own, live or work in a property that you suspect may have asbestos in it, talk to G W C Construction Inc. Asbestos can be very well hidden. You'll need a certified asbestos expert to thoroughly inspect all building materials if you want true piece of mind. G W C Construction Inc in Lovington, NM will provide you with a conclusive report and recommendations on how to proceed if we find any asbestos.
We can safely and effectively remove all traces of asbestos and make the property safe again for everyone. G W C Construction Inc has a strong commitment to the Lovington community and will always carry out asbestos removal in a safe and responsible manner.


G W C Construction Inc will safely, effectively and thoroughly complete all asbestos related services. We are industry leaders in Lovington when it comes to removing asbestos. Our services include:
  • Professional inspection 
  • Expert report and recommendation 
  • Asbestos removal 
  • Asbestos disposal 
  • Lead & Mold Remediation 
  • Demolition 
  • General contractor
We surpass all standards for safety and effectiveness. With reliable service and perfect results, and for complete peace of mind, contact G W C Construction Inc in Lovington today.

About us

The team at G W C Construction Inc is dedicated to asbestos detection, removal and disposal. We understand the harmful effects that asbestos can have on health so we complete every job with extreme attention to detail. We are certified in asbestos removal and keep fully up to date on the latest safety procedures. Our goal is to always stay one step ahead of the curve to ensure that our safety methods are world class.
Our team is highly skilled and experienced in asbestos related services. Trust the team at G W C Construction Inc to hold your safety, and the safety of our Lovington community, in the highest regard.
G W C Construction Inc is a member of the Better Business Bureau and a US/EPA Lead Certified inspector, License number 053212.

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